What is Fig .25?

Fig. 25 – The first in the BookDeck™ series

Fig. 25 is a high quality deck of playing cards manufactured by the U.S. Playing Card Company
printed with metallic inks and on premium “Bee” Stock.
Includes the “Traditional Cut” made famous by Richard Turner,
the cards meet the highest standards of the card connoisseur, collector and aficionado.

What is a BookDeck™?

A BookDeck™ is a hand assembled card box featuring a foil embossed replica book cover. Fig. 25 is the first in the BookDeck™ series and replicates the classic card book, “The Expert at the Card Table”.



Why “Fig. 25”?
S.W. Erdnase stated that the most important “artifice” one could master with a deck of playing cards is the bottom deal. The M.D. Smith illustration for this invaluable lesson is fig. 25 and is incorporated into the back design and the tuck box flap, as well as in the design of the elegant “Joker” cards.

What’s the difference between the Standard Edition and the Limited Collector’s Edition?


Both versions come with the fig. 25 deck of cards, the difference is in the tuck box that the deck comes in:

  • Standard Edition – Linen card stock replica book cover,
    gold foil embossed pinting on the cover and spine. Limited run of 2500 decks
  • Limited Collector’s Edition – REAL hardback replica book cover (cloth linen wrapped)
    gold foil embossed pinting on the cover and spine. Limited to 300 copies

The Collector’s Set

The Fig. 25 Collector’s Set includes BOTH versions (standard card stock cover and hard backed collector’s version) and comes with a beautiful set of laser engraved book ends made specifically to show of your BookDeck™ collection!