The Cards


To continue the tribute to Erdnase, the cards appear to have been printed on sections of the pages from the original book, The Expert at the Card Table.  The images have been balanced out and adjusted to give it a vintage tone, as well as keeping the card easy to read.

Custom Jokers and Ace of Spades

Joker #1 features a quote from The Expert at the Card Table, naming the “bottom deal” as the single most important “artifice” one could learn regarding legerdemain with cards.
The Ace of Spades uses imagery and design from the deck’s floral back design.
The shape of the “Spade” is modeled after the top selling “Bicycle Spectrum Playing Deck” and contains copyright information and the company name.



The Back Design

The floral back design elegantly frames the symmetrical images of fig 25 and contains the infamous “acorns”, (a symbol from the book’s original 1902 cover. )

Card Stock and Finish

The cards will be printed on the highest quality Bee card stock as is used by Casinos around the world.

Traditional Cut

The deck will be cut using the “Traditional” cut method made famous by Richard Turner, this is the method preferred by professionals for the precise handling and shuffling of the cards.


The Faces

The original intention was to place the various illustrations throughout the deck until I had a discussion about the fig. 25 with Mark Calabrese, an Erdnase aficionado as well as a highly skilled sleight of hand artist and rising star in the magic industry.  (Check him out on Penn & Teller’s “Fool Us!”)
Mark’s idea: Imagine cutting the shape of a card directly from the pages of the book… and then printing each card right on them! GENIUS! Thankfully I had only designed about 10 cards when this brilliant idea came from Mark!

Nothing would complete the “Tribute” more appropriately and perfectly than having the pages of the book as the “card stock” for the deck!  Each page was scanned at high resolution, carefully placed for aesthetics, one card at a time, and then lightened and colorized in a sepia tone to balance out the contrast of the image.

The result is an absolutely intriguing and beautiful deck that is a “true” tribute to Erdnase, from the innovative BookDeck™ tuck box, to the elegant back design to the faces of each and every card!  There’s never been a deck like it nor a more detailed tribute!

Below is a sampling of the cards…



Rendered Uncut*


*please note the uncut above is a representation, some of the cards are subject to change or be updated.
For example the second joker depicted here has a new design and the second to the last card (gold over white) is no longer a part of the deck.

After much thought and input from many card collectors and magicians, we’ve chosen to have the “gaffs” be something useful.  There are only two available, and first, the intention was to make one of them a brief history of Erdnase and the intriguing mystery and story behind the author.
We found it more appropriate to make the 56th card something useful to the card worker.
There will be a double backed card, and the final gaff is to be determined.